Hugo Sinzheimer (1875-1945) is well known as one of the founding fathers of labour law. He favoured an interdisciplinary approach, combining legal-positivistic with sociological analysis. His work still has a significant relevance, in particular in the field of collective labour law. His ideas have had a large impact on collective labour law in European as well as in other countries, for instance Japan.
Making his work accessible to researchers, and to others interested in his publications is the main goal of this website. We also propose an evaluation of the importance of his ideas, then as well as now.
It includes a concise biography, a complete list of his publications, and references to literature and websites on Sinzheimer and his work.

Some of his publications have been translated in English, which makes them accessible to readers not in command of the German language (see 1927h, 1930n & 1933b in the List of publications).


What's new?:

Added November 2022:

-full text of lecture 'Macht und Recht in den Beziehungen der Völker zueinander' (Power and Law in the Relations between Nations), 4 September 1916, Friedensverein, Frankfurt a/M [German text with a short introduction and summary in English]. See Publications Sinzheimer, 1916k;

- full text of lecture 'Die soziologische Struktur des Arbeitsrechts', May 1934, probably at Utrecht University [German text with a short summary in English, See Publications Sinzheimer, 1934d.